What Is E-liquid Steeping, and Why Do It?

If you have been vaping for a while and have heard vapers talking about steeping e-liquid, but don’t know what it is, then don’t panic! In the following article what is e-liquid steeping, and why do it? We have the answers to all your questions!

Have you ever opened a new bottle of e-liquid from your favourite vape brand and tried to vape it straight away, only to have it taste harsh or bitter? Then, a few weeks or months later you come back to the same e-liquid, and it tastes completely better? That’s steeping. When you steep your e-liquid, you allow it to age much like you would with an expensive wine. The steeping process allows any harsh chemical or alcohol tastes to be removed. If you have ever gotten a custard or caramel which tastes too much like chemical flavoring, then it probably needs some time to steep.

The steeping process allows the PG/VG base, the flavoring, and nicotine if it has nicotine, to mix in the e-liquid. The steeping process allows the harsh alcohol taste to remove from e-liquid through oxidization. The oxidization process of steeping your e-liquid will also result in your e-liquid changing to a darker color.

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Why Do Vapers Steep Their E-Liquid?

Steeping helps to bring out the best parts of the flavor profile in e-liquid. Not e-liquid you purchase will require steeping. Some e-liquids are purchased pre-steeped. This means that the e-liquid manufacturer has done the steeping for you and you will be able to vape the e-liquid the day you get it. Other e-liquids may require different amounts of steeping time. In most cases, it will either tell you on the label, or box whether your e-liquid requires any stepping and how long you should steep for.

When you make your own e-liquids, you’lldefinitely want to steep them before you vape them. When you buy e-liquids online or from a store, they have already undergone a natural steeping process. The e-liquid sat on shelves, it was transported from one store to another, and then delivered to wherever you purchased it. If you try a new e-liquid and it has a strong chemical taste or tastes a little harsh, then it is a good idea to steep it.

What Is the Best Way to Steep Your E-Liquid?

Steeping e-liquid generally involves heating, shaking, and exposure to air for oxidization. Vapers have their ownfavorite methods for stepping e-liquids, and all of them will vary slightly. Below we’ll give you some quick and simple ways to steep your e-liquid.

  • Simple Steeping – If you’re not in any rush this method is probably one of the easiest. Place your e-liquid in cold and dark place. You’ll want to leave it there 1-2 weeks. Once a day shake the bottles. For short periods of time expose the e-liquid to air, but not for too long. The oxidization process will affect the quality of any nicotine in the e-liquid.
  • Fast Steeping – Fill a bowl with warm water. Place your e-liquid into a sealed bag and then put it into the water bath. Once the water cools down, remove the e-liquid and open the lids to allow any gases to escape. Close them and give them a good shake.

There are many other steeping methods. Comment below with the best way you’ve found to steep your e-liquid!

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