Ways A Smart Home Can Help Moms

It gets to a time of the year when children go shopping for new clothes, new backpacks, school supplies, school registration(school sessions). And for many moms, it’s time to figure out how to control kids before and after school. Here are some ways Crestron home automationcan help you.

Get Up

The children are certainly used to the morning grace during the summer holidays. Now they must be up at daybreak to be prepared and dressed for school. Which is not always easy. Personally, I hate to start a sunny day by screaming at my kids to get them out of bed. So we set up our intelligent home control system to help them wake up on their own. The bus leaves at 8:18 am (more or less 5 minutes) and at 7 am, the lights in the bedrooms of the two children come on automatically. They have their own special soundtrack that starts in their rooms, gradually getting louder to make getting out of bed easier. They each have a list of tasks behind their doors: getting dressed, making the bed, brushing teeth, brush your hair, take your backpack, go down for lunch. If the kids are not sitting at the kitchen table at 7:30, I grab my phone and tap the “Stand Up! “. This makes the lights flash in their bedrooms and bathrooms while announcing “You must be downstairs in 5-4-3-2-1” in the ceiling speakers. It works like a charm!

Dinner Time

Once I get home from work and dinner is finally ready to be served, bringing down the kids can be an issue that I do not have the energy to deal with. So, again, I get help from my home automation system. A broadcast message sounds out of all the loudspeakers in the house announcing “it’s time for dinner” while the lights are flashing in the rooms and the children’s electronics are stopped. I can even use my phone or touch screen in the kitchen to check the security cameras in the game room and outside to see if the kids are on their way to the dining room.

Bed Time

Once chores are done, homework is done, dinner is finished and cleaned, lunches are packed, and all extracurricular activity equipment is loaded into the car, kids and I take the time to relax. Well, for about eight minutes. So it’s bedtime. The most unpleasant time of day for most children. Personally, I can not wait to lie down in bed and get some rest, but my children have no such need. So it’s a fight. I had my system set up to flash the lights at 8:30 pm, signaling that bedtime is coming soon. They then have 30 minutes to shower, put on their pajamas, brush their teeth and go to bed. From 21h, the lights go out with all the electronics in their rooms. All I have left to do is read a story and give goodnight kisses.

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