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Vivo is a leading tech giant, which originates from China and is popular in the whole world. The reason for their sudden popularity is use of advance chips and circuits in their Smartphone’s. Vivo Smartphone’s comprises with the android operating system which is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

As the use of Smartphone’s is increasing day by day, it is important to secure the data that is stored on your devices like PDFs, videos, audio files, contacts etc. So it becomes necessary to synchronize your device with other backup device so that if the Smartphone is lost, stolen or the data gets deleted. With the help of synchronization you can easily recover it and it brings no harm to your data. This process of synchronizing two or more devices is called synchronization.

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 Mac is a UNIX based operating system developed by Apple Inc. exclusive for their Macintosh Computer series. It is a very secure os and normally does not allow synchronization between any other devices except with Apple products. So, here comes the need of SyncMate which is synchronizing software that allows syncing between Mac and other devices easily.

SyncMate provides syncing between mac and vivo smartphones. The app works as Vivo Assistant for mac and with its help, you can organize the files and contacts easily with just a few clicks. The software automatically updates itself while you connect our devices.

Features of Vivo Mac assistance

  1. It allows the synchronization of contacts, browser bookmarks, reminders and calendars between your devices easily.
  2. Syncing of various files like music, photos, videos, text files can be done.
  3. It automatically updates the backup when we connect our device and we do not need to do it personally.
  4. It also provides us a drive utility for our device as Mac does not have this feature.
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