USB Type C Adapter at The Best Way to Data Transfer

The industrial standard for short-range data transfer is defined by the USB, the short form for Universal Serial Bus. Invented in the year 1995, this device has undergone drastic changes in its speed, performance, and pricing since its inception.

While at first the goal of a USB cable was to minimise the requirement of excessive connections for computers, it is now the epitome of swift data transfer and portability that is unmatched by any other hardware. The profitability of the device was seen ever since sales began, demands having soared only upwards since. The USB has gone through several updates, and though these products were then in supply, their prices were never affordable enough for the common man.

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This created a demand and supply gap. Today equilibrium has been met as the demand for USBs in the market has been helped by the drop in prices due to theintensive development of the product leading it to be purchasable by people from all walks of life. This development has also pushed forward an advancement in transfer speeds of the USB with it reaching an all-time high with the USB 3.1, the new standard for data transfer.

A common problem faced by USB users is that of incompatibility. This takes place when a USB isn’t able to connect to a device with a micro USB port. With its range of products, the USB type C adapter at Primecable.comsolves this problem effortlessly to make sure your data transfer needs shall never come to a standstill.

Why Should You Choose The USB Type C Adapter At Primecable.Com?

This adaptor has been suitably designed to be easily compatible with multiple devices, allowing your USB C type phones with any laptop or computer, with no problems whatsoever. Built with high speed charging protocols such as the Qualcomm Quick Charge, you can be assured that your cellular devices will be charged and ready in a jiffy while your data transfer shall transcend to speeds you never knew before. Transferring at a speed of 480 Mb per second, you are guaranteed a minimum of 20 high definition songs transferred to your device within just a second. The amazing adapter is compatible with multiple devices such as the Samsung Note 7, LG G5, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 tablet, One Plus devices among other popular branded cell phones. Its simplistic usage requires the user to just plug in the USB C plug of the adapter to your device while a cable is attached to the other end of the adapter, making it ready to go for your transfer and charging needs.

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