The Click of Panorama

Cameras are not significant in the way they have sleek designs with stylish lenses, or a crisp display. No. That’s not what they are known for.

Rather, what’s of importance is what they can produce with their lenses and sleek designs. From providing us with a panoramic view of mountain tops, oceans and caves, to helping us create memories that we can relate to and resonate with sometime in the future, a digital camera can do more than just “click”.

That, however, is the inevitable truth. Once in a while (or more than just once in a while), we come to need another pair of eyes that can document the most minute details that our eyes can’t.

Astonishing, right?

Perfect photography has helped us understand the flutter of an insect. It has helped us feel the thud of heartbeats that, however, are not ours to feel. It has brought us all the places we can’t go, all the wonders we can’t see, all the emotions we weren’t present at the right time to capture. Cameras have told us stories, taught us lessons, and made us laugh through movies and sitcoms.

That, specifically, is what a digital cameras can do in the hands of someone who can make the camera feel his likes.

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Most people these days shoot themselves in a video, telling a message for their unborn baby for his/her eighteenth birthday.

Such unbiased message, traveling through the years, standing the test of time, carrying emotions, all the way to an unsuspecting 18 year old. Memories like this hardly ever fade over time.

And memories like this can’t be documented through any other form, while being able to effect such impact. And for your information, what can get it done is called a camera.

So, what camera should you buy?

The DSLR landscape of this era has taken a particularly giant leap across the chasm of low megapixel-photography. There are endless types and varieties of DSLRs, with megapixels that range anywhere between 10 and more than 40. And accordingly, the costs range significantly between 10,000 rupees and more than two lakhs.

Of course, that’s a lot of money, but more clarity means pictures with more emotions.


This is a monster of a camera, to say the least. Being capable of capturing with 45.4 megapixels, this camera can produce pictures with absolute clarity. It can shoot 4K videos, and the speed of its shooting extends up to 7 frames per second. All in all, compiled with any of its macro or super-zoom lenses, this makes for an irresistible kit.

The only drawback is its price, and it retails between two and a half to three and a half lakhs, varying between accessories and add-on features.


This is one of those available at an affordable cost, yet with features that don’t diminish its big picture in any way. It has a focusing speed of about 0.03 seconds. Retailing at a price of around 967 USD, this is one of those “go-to” for taking quality pictures, or freelancing short-films and other projects.


A really good image quality, touchscreen, recordings at 5fps, and videos at 1080p are so much for the 445 USD that this retails at.

This is a perfect fit for greenhorns and beginners, who want to learn photography before going full-on into the field.


Made specifically for enthusiast photographers, this digital camera has almost everything a photographer looks for. Although it’s an exquisite camera, it is specialized, and demands the usage of other cameras to complement in things that it’s not specialized for.

Other than that, this gives the touch of art.


With 36 megapixels, and ability to shoot movies at 1080p, this can rival most other Canon or Nikon cameras. Although it’s not cheap itself (retails at 2400 USD), it stands out as cheap while comparing it with other cameras.

In Conclusion

Although the aforementioned list does not encompass all types of cameras that one might go for, they, however, form the monsters of the field. Any enthusiast with profound interests in photography or movie-making is bound to know about them.

Besides, if not for making good memories, why bother?

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