Prop Shaft Alignment is Crucial

Marine activities require precise alignment of propeller shafts. When shafts are not aligned well, it can lead to damage to not only the drive shaft assembly, but also the hull, struts, and other structural pieces. Leaks, cracks, and sinking could result. Prop shaft alignment needs to be top on the list of the maintenance of any marine vessel.

In the sea, boats bend and twist because they operate in a non-rigid environment. As this occurs over time, engines, drive shafts, and propulsion systems are under stress and may fail. Engine mountings and propeller shafts, in particular, can suffer damage.

Engine drive systems become misaligned and have to be checked and realigned carefully. This cuts down on the stresses they undergo. Prop shaft alignment by laser can significantly reduce wear on engines, vessels themselves, and drive train propulsion systems.

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Our prop shaft alignment system has been created to measure and correct marine drive shaft alignments, so you can rest assured that your vessel will be in great shape when you put it in the water.

Here are some problems that not having proper prop shaft alignment can cause: bearing wear, shafts become broken or bent, and vibration from the drive system can cause transmission problems as well as damage to engine mounts and the boat hull. Universal joints and couplings also do not survive long in conditions with bad prop shaft alignment. Additionally, the shaft vibration can cause struts to loosen, which can lead to structural resonance.

Our Fixturlaser XA prop shaft alignment system helps check and fix alignment in propeller or driven rotating shafts. With an LCD color touch screen, the system is simple to use. Users are led through the alignment process with 3D animations that are colorful and easy to see.

It is easy to set up and measure with its big detector areas and line-laser feature. There is no need to use cables to transfer data as the Blue-tooth wireless feature connects laser head and screen. The system can measure up to within 1/100th of a millimeter. Finally, the measurements show up on the screen in real time, letting users know shimming effects and corrections to make.

When you’re looking to ensure the best quality work on your boat, we are ready to employ the latest in prop shaft alignment technology to ensure your vessel is ready to go and that it lasts as long as possible. We specialize in prop shaft alignment and are happy to help you reduce the wear and tear on your vessel through the powerful use of lasers.

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