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You have created your business from the rags to riches. You understood the potential of your business when the business was in the budding stage. You have imagined the success of your business when everyone else doubted your potential. Do not allow others to design your identity on the internet, your professional identity, which you have created with so much passion and creativity. Take the plunge again; create your web page design with the help of Page Builder.  

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How to build your website?

  • Selecting a platform: The very first step in building a website all by your self is selecting a platform. You have to select from a number of platforms or the content management system. These platforms are the places where you can build your website on your own and manage the online content. The most popular content building platform is WordPress. This platform is being used by everyone who is a beginner and has very little or no technical knowledge. Further this platform provides the opportunity of expanding your web page as you require.
  • You must have a domain name and hosting: The second step in the process of creating your own website is to have your domain name i.e. the name or the identity with which you will be identified on the internet. It could be the name of your company or the product or services in which you deal in. Then you must have a hosting; which is a service which connects your site to the internet.
  • Installing the wordpress to your site: Once you have created a domain name and hosting then you have to make your site running. You can create and design your content and the outlook of the website. You can further add various interface features to your site making it more customer friendly.
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