Landing pages and conversion rates, a new form to the dotcom

The landing pages are the ones which the users are redirected to once they click on a particular website link that appears on the Google search results. To put in simpler terms landing page is the first page of a website. The landing pages should have a brief explanation of the words mentioned in the search box i.e. the keywords. The landing pages play a vital role in the new era of marketing, the online marketing otherwise known as digital marketing.


Conversion rates of landing pages

The conversion rates are the ones which detects the number of customers a website can receive after the percentage of visits to the website has been calculated. The conversion rates are the ones which benefit the owners of the website to increase the turnover and profit of their businesses by having a good landing page with an optimized conversion key that will help them to gain more without having to look for other methods to make people visit their website.

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Relation between SEO and CRO

The search engine optimization and the conversion rate of the landing page go hand in hand with each other in defining the right kind of approaches to multiply one’s sales. For example, a search engine optimization can vary according to the kind of design and the products which the websites claim to offer. Different business will need different methods of optimization. There are many SEO tools that are available to increase one’s business. There are a few good SEO like Click here at SEO Minneapolis that are very sharp and effective.

Thus, a good idea about the landing pages, conversion rate and the SEO methods are a mandate for those who venture into online businesses by the help of


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