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So you are planning a big event? That’s great! Have you considered the need for mobile refrigeration? How will you keep your food and goods cool until it’s time to begin the festivities? These are questions that a lot of junior, or inexperienced event planners may tend to overlook. We get that and we are prepared to give you the ins and outs of what to look for when choosing your refrigeration needs for your event, country shows regattas or weddings. Heck, if you need mobile refrigeration units at a horse trials, then there is a solution to meet your exact needs.

Gone are the days of having to purchase your own mobile refrigeration unit and then only end up putting it to use for two or three days a month. This is a huge expense that can become very costly with all the maintenance and repairs need over the years to keep it operating efficiently and effectively. You can now hire, not buy your refrigeration requirements. It is as simple as calling into a call centre a couple of days in advance of your event. Speak to a consultant and let them know what your event needs are and they will work out a refrigeration solution that will suit your occasion perfectly. There is also no need for repairs on your side. Our team of expert technicians will make sure that your unit is operating at 100% before delivering it to your site.

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Well, with a mobile refrigeration unit, you can relax and join in the fun yourself knowing that your goods are right where they need to be and stored at the right temperature. A great advantage of hiring a mobile refrigeration unit as opposed to buying your own is that the maintenance and operation costa are not yours to deal with, this will save you countless thousands over the years as you will not have to worry about the added costs you might incur if you had bought one.

Take some time out right now and do a search on the internet to discover the best refrigeration suppliers in the area. Then make sure that you have a look through the customer testimonials to make sure they are genuine and that they are positive. It is also a good idea to do your due diligence by visiting a site such as Yelp to get accurate market assessments and opinions from past clients as to their experience with the company and its service. A good company should take care of all the details for you, making sure that the mobile refrigeration unit is delivered to your site on time and in perfect working order. One such reputable company is Ice Cool Trailers, based on the M4 corridor between London and Bristol.

Make sure that you get actual commitments and an official contract or service level agreement in place before you book any form of mobile refrigeration unit. Insurance is a critical point to take note of, so that if something should go wrong, you have a course of action to follow up on and keep them liable for their service failure.

Good luck with your mobile refrigeration and remember to stay cool!

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