How to Write SEO-Friendly Web Content

When it comes to writing content for your business, of course it is important that you are a good writer – However the requirements for writing content for SEO don’t stop at that. To write SEO-friendly content you must also hold an understanding of strategy and the ever-changing Google Algorithms. Don’t’ worry though, today we are going to be providing some great tips for those looking to create content with the aim of improving their rankings. Keep on reading…

Top Tips

  • You need to know your keywords. What words best describe the products or services that you offer? What will your potential customers search for when looking for your products/services? Make sure the keywords are relevant to the content that you are writing, and if you are struggling at this point, it is time to employ the services of an internet marketing agency.
  • How you use your keywords is also incredibly important, both for search engines and users. Although it is important to include keywords in content, you shouldn’t include them too many times as this can be seen as ‘keyword stuffing’ – a practice that is no longer favoured by Google. Make sure that when placing keywords in your content that they appear to be natural and fit well within the sentences that you put them in. Content should always read naturally.
  • Within your content you should consider linking to other content, whether this is old content of yours or content from other relevant and informative websites. Providing valuable links throughout your content helps to keep users engaged and coming back to your website.
  • Structure your content, bearing in mind that a lot of web users only read 20% of content on a page. Ensure that you get your messages across in the first few paragraphs of each page/blog post but also ensure that you text is compelling so that readers are urged to read more. Include pictures, infographics and videos in your content to engage users and keep them interested, no one wants to read huge bulks of text all of the time. Mix it up.

These are only some of the available tips too – If you are looking for ultimate success and have no time for mistakes, you should employ an SEO copywriter who will be able to ensure that all of the content related to your business on the web is fresh, unique and relevant.

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