Ensure safety of your website through malware scanning

People using computer might be unaware of the word “malware”. Malware is software that is specifically designed for certain destruction purpose. Malware can destroy or hack your information on your computer. These malware does not any certain symptom, hence it is very hard to recognize it. Sites providing website malware scanning can be best solution to identify malware. Recover WP is one of the most popular free malware website scanning site which provides free scanning services for your site to know if there is malware in your site or not. In case malware is found in your site it will tell you about this with all necessary information related to malware?

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How this site works?

Unlike many other free malware scanning sites, Recover WP has not so annoying process. Here are some steps are given below which are followed by this malware scanning site.

Step 1– If you require scanning your sites you need to FTP login information that is compulsory for full scanning of your site. You can send your FTP login information through HTTPS encrypted connection. Using this connection to send your information, you can make sure yourself that your information will securely reach to Recover WP site.

Step 2– As soon as you send your FTP login information, the malware scanning site gets your information. Malware scanner will start download your files.

Step 3-After files are downloaded; website scanning software will start to scan your web pages thoroughly. Scanning may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your website, process queue, FTP transfer speed.

Step 4: Once the malware scanning is done, report will be sent to you through email.

Thus, RecoverWP enables you to recognize whether your site is infected with malware or not easily without paying any cost.

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