Buying a Hoverboard 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

When looking to buy a Smart balance scooter you always want to ask yourself these very important questions. To ensure you purchase the right hoverboard for yourself it is imperative that you know what you are looking for. These four simple answers will make your hoverboard buying very simple.

  1. What wheel size should I go for?

Hoverboards vary in wheel size, from 6.5 inches to 10 inches. This aspect is important to consider when buying a hover board or self-balancing scooter. More common hoverboards have small wheels but some people go for bigger ones like Justin Bieber’s hoverboard choice. Smaller wheels are good in the sense that they work well on smooth surfaces but some who have tried hover boards with small wheels say that these have the tendency to jerk if used on uneven surfaces and at high speeds. Another issue about smaller wheels is its ability to cross elevated areas. Larger wheels, say, 8 or 10 inches in diameter are said to be more stable but are higher. Having said that, it helps to know what wheel size fits you. If you intend to use your hoverboard in uneven surfaces, consider larger wheels but if you will use it indoors, smaller wheels will suffice.

  1. How much weight can a hooverboard carry?

Aside from the wheel size, the weight of the user and that of the hoverboard are important things to consider. Most electric scooters have a weight carrying limit of 100 kilos or 222 lbs. So, if you are heavier than that, you might as well start creating a diet plan. Or perhaps, you can go for hoverboards with larger wheels because they are more stable. While there are those who ride these scooters even if they slightly exceed the maximum limit, your weight can also affect your ability to balance. As for the weight of the electric scooter, another factor to consider that there will be times you will have to carry your hoverboard so choose one that is not too inconvenient for you to carry.

  1. How much am I planning to spend?

Of course, your budget also plays a significant role in selecting the right balance board for you. Good thing smart balance scooters of varying prices are available. If you have the money to spend, you might want to go for genuine hover boards and those made with quality. While you can end up paying more, at least you ensure your safety. Price range of hover board varies and there are inexpensive kinds that cost below $300 while more expensive hoverboards can go as high as $500 or more. There are also stores that offer special discounts and all you need to do is to do your research.

  1. Where will I buy?

Since electronic scooters are virtually everywhere, it is not surprising that there are models that have inferior quality and not genuine. Before making a purchase, it is best to know how to spot a fake balancing scooters and remove it from your list of choices.

Other factors to consider are extra features of the hoverboard, such as GPS, Bluetooth speakers and the like but they are just add-ons, so to speak. The four questions above are the basic ones you need to answer.


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