AdWords Changes: Viewing Them Through the Eyes of the Customer

By now you have probably heard that Google is changing its AdWords interface. You may have even heard horror stories from testers who have already begun working with it. Google should have it ready for prime time later this year, which means every PPC Manager will eventually be transitioning. If you’re in the business, it might help to view the new interface through the eyes of your customers.


Early reviews of the new AdWords are quick to report that it includes several new features that may prove invaluable. For example, developers will be able to take advantage of new bid adjustments for calls under the Audience Manager feature. The new interface also does a better job of highlighting performance changes. So there are some very good things to talk about.


On the other hand, plenty of reviewers have stated that Google has taken what was a very efficient and task-oriented interface and turned it into something that, while more aesthetically pleasing, is also less efficient. Managers are having to learn new ways of doing things; they are having to customize the interface in order to continue what they were doing with its previous iteration.

Change Is Inevitable – Embrace It

Knowing the new interface is coming has PPC Managers questioning whether they should immediately jump in or stick with the old interface for as long as humanly possible. That may be the wrong way to look at it. Perhaps a better view is to accept the fact that change is inevitable and embrace it.

For a company like Webtek Interactive, it is reasonable for new clients to bristle at the thought of investing money in AdWords. They don’t see the point of spending the money when they are already paying for improved organic rankings. To the PPC Manager though, AdWords is an important part of monetization. So Managers ask their clients to trust them and embrace it.

By the same token, Google is asking PPC Managers to embrace the new AdWords interface and trust them that it will be good in the end. In support of that, one reviewer suggested that a likely reason behind its less efficient design is the fact that some of the new features could not have been incorporated into the design limits of the old interface.

Think of it in terms of a single-story house with 8-foot ceilings. An architect could not accommodate a client’s desire for a great room with higher ceilings without raising the roof of the house. So while it costs more money to raise the roof, it is necessary to achieve the desired goal.

The new AdWords interface may be very similar. The necessity of some of its design features may be directly related to the desire to add greater functionality. Developers ask their clients to trust them with AdWords; Google is asking the same from PPC Managers.


It’s like a Good Wine


Another thing to remember about the new AdWords interface is that it probably will prove itself similar to a good wine. That is to say it will improve as it ages. That’s the way software works.


The first generation of a new app may be functional enough, but there is always room for improvement. That is why there are second and third generations. Everything PPC experts may not like about the new AdWords interface will be improved on over time. And for most, the new interface will grow on them. In a couple of years, the industry will be talking about how the old interface was a complete dinosaur compared to its newer counterpart.

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