Advantages of Using IR Cameras for Outdoor Video Surveillance

Security cameras are one of the greatest contributions of latest technology. They have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times due to the increasing demand for security.


Here are a few advantages of using IR cameras for outdoor video surveillance.

  • Gather Evidence: When you use IR cameras for outdoor surveillance at home or business premises, you can monitor the actions of people in and around your area. Having an IR camera would help you to capture clear images with more efficient recording. You can use this footage in legal scenarios and win the judgment.
  • Image Clarity: The clarity of images produced by an IR camera is very high when compared to that of a non-IR camera. An average IR camera can cover a distance of 100-feet and has an auto adjustment mode to gather the image of the person clearly. Hikvision offers various smart IR camera solutions, which are free from malware, with enhanced cybersecurity and also they can capture the images with high resolution. Irrespective of the weather conditions outside, it will auto focus its resolution and intensity to capture the best quality images.
  • 24/7 Service: Traditional security cameras work flawlessly during the daylight. But, during the dark, they are not capable of shooting a clear image. This is where IR cameras give an edge. An IR camera can capture clear images even in total darkness as they do in the daylight.
  • Damage Resistant: The build quality of infrared cameras is very good. They are enclosed in a super tough quality poly carbonate shell, which can withstand extreme weather conditions, fog, smoke and also rough hammer breaks. So, it is tough for the intruders to damage your outdoor IR video surveillance cameras.
  • Money Saving: Using traditional CCTV cameras or outdoor lights would increase your power bills. Moreover, it is easier for the intruders to break the old-fashioned security cameras. On the other hand, the strongly built IR cameras are damage resistant and moreover they use low wattage photocells, which cost you only a few cents to operate these security systems for an entire year. In this way, IR cameras are a heavy money-saving security system.

These are the advantages of installing infrared security cameras for outdoor surveillance. Hope you would make a wise decision of investing in IR cameras rather than investing on the conventional CCTV cameras.

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