Advantages Of Using ArchiverFS


ArchiverFS is one of the best solutions for archiving unused files in the computer and saving some space. It offers enhanced features and functions that make the task of archiving your files easy and effortless. Check out the main product page. If you want a migration of the old data and shift the files you are created earlier in UNC path to the archiver, this is very easy to do. The source from which you transfer the files and the target location should have a NTFS formatting. The archiver is safe to use as it doesn’t store your files in any database. Users have full and direct access to their data and files. You can access the files instantly without having to wait for a long time.

Multiple links are available in the archiver for the data that has been transferred to a new location in the archiving system. You have the advantage of using shortcuts for your files. The shortcuts are highly compatible. People who want to use it on Apple Mac can do it without any problem. The archive storage has a live section in which the original files are saved and there is a migrated section in which the transferred files are placed. The Graveyard section is meant as the last destination for the files you want to delete permanently.

You can install the ArchiverFS on any computer that has Windows version from 2003 onwards. It has a perfect compatibility with Windows PC and Microsoft Search Server. ArchiverFS also has Amazon Storage Gateway that helps you in archiving your old and unused files to Amazon Glacier. Visit their site for more info. Backing up the files is very quick in the archiver. Also, you can restore your files in a very short time. It avoids the problem of a long wait and delay for archiving and restoring the files. Using the archiver saves money on buying additional storage space for your data.   

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